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  • Parisa Rose


All we have are these words.  All I have are these words.  Maybe you have shapes, colour, music, movement, to make meaning with.  This is art. And even art is not enough.

All I have are these words.  And words will never be enough.  Will never be enough to fully express the love I feel.  Will never completely, precisely describe or explain this love, this experience, God, spirit, or the nature of reality (all mere labels for the same thing).

How could they?  These things are beyond words.  But words are what I have. What we have.  And if we use them with care, with precision, with heart — then they’ll point toward the ineffable.  

That’s why a word, a poem, a whisper (an image, a song, a touch, a work of art), can sometimes shake us, can stir something in us, can awaken us.  Because it’s pointing to that.

So I will keep pointing, keep writing, keep reading, keep watching, keep listening…