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The ancestor of your future happiness

There’s this wonderful poem by David Whyte that stirs me deeply.  If you’re not a poetry fan, here’s just one bit from it that I found inspiring.  (There are many other insightful parts in the same poem.)

He writes about being the ancestor of your future happiness.  What an interesting way to say it.  

A good poet or writer (or speaker) can say something so basic in a way that touches you so deeply, and articulates an unspoken truth in your heart.  Perhaps moves you enough that it changes you.

The poem makes me consider…

What am I doing today that plants the seeds for my future happiness?  What thought or action, however small today, will bear fruit tomorrow?  What series of thoughts, words, actions, will lead to health, ease, joy and happiness in the future?

It could be lovingly packing a lunch for the next day for myself.  It could be leaving something beautiful on my bedside table that will make me smile in the morning.

And when this loving-kindness for yourself becomes a habit of mind, it naturally extends to others.  And bit by bit, this touches the heart of others and eventually changes the world.

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