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  • Parisa Rose


It is hard to remember sometimes. Some days, it is hard to see what is good, what is beautiful, even what is true.

As we get to know ourselves, the world and our relationship to it, as we learn how to live in harmony and in peace, and be a force for good in the world, remembering how to do all this is perhaps the crux of our work.

We discover, we learn, we wake up, we find wisdom, gain insight, then we forget. We remember, then we forget again. We are connected, aligned, inspired, then get cut off. We find our way, then we are lost again. And on it goes.

What derails us, is the storm in the mind that obscures what clarity we once had.

For me, what helps clear the fog is meditation. Such a reliable ritual to clear away doubt, confusion, soften pain and sadness and fear. A precious daily ritual, to help me remember again. To find my way back home. Any form of meditation, to relax, to loosen the grip, to rest, and to once again see clearly.

Depending on the day, it might be in the form of sitting and tethering attention on a single point; or laying down, surrounded by sweet reminders and comforts; or some days it might be dancing and moving, as if physically shaking off the thoughts.

Often in solitude, but lately more and more in the presence of others (even if it’s virtual presence, since presence truly has no physical bounds). In the company of others, the stories that echo in the dark corners of my mind, are interrupted. Instead I hear the voices of others, who share the same aches, and remind me, I am not alone, and that the stories are not the truth, never could be, and so fuck the stories and trying to make sense of anything. Let’s just be here together and feel what is alive here, right now.

Oh yeah, I remember now.

(If anyone out there is feeling lonely and lost, and can’t remember the way home, you are invited to join us for our circle on Mondays.)