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May this too be the cause

This entry is a throwback to a previous post written about the phrase

May this be the cause of my awakening.

In that post, I elaborated on the meaning of this phrase.  In this post, I only want to praise it again as a transformative tool, because this past week it has come to my rescue every day, moment after moment.  

And the attitude behind the phrase, the way it reorients a person towards life’s challenges, is everything to me.  How it offers space, softness, acceptance, and above all, choice.  When faced with the difficulty, the pain, the struggle, to see it as a opportunity grow.  To transform ourselves, to develop our minds.  Perhaps even see the difficulty as a precious gift.  A chance to accept what is, and to let go of what is not necessary, what is not serving us.  A chance to learn.  To step outside of ourselves and not take it personally.  To let go of ego and become more aligned with our highest self.  To extend compassion.

So much opportunity.  So many chances to practise.

And when your problems are not problems anymore, you are free.