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  • Parisa Rose

An Ode to the Trees

It’s no secret that I adore trees.  I love being near them, touching them, and simply watching them.

I am constantly amazed by them, not only by their beauty, but by the wisdom they silently offer me.  I’ve gotten a lot of answers from trees.  Yes, I talk to trees and ask them questions.  I dare you to try it!  (Okay, so the answers really come from me.  As always, we have all the answers within.  But the tree is certainly helpful to reflect answers back to us.)

The tree, as a symbol, has so many lessons for us.  Maybe all the teachings we would ever need.  We could spend a lifetime contemplating a single tree.

I want to be more like a tree.

Hear me out.

The tree gives so much (shade, shelter, fruit, wood to build with and to burn) without expecting anything in return.

The tree is connected to everything.  It depends on the ecosystem around it, and the system depends on it.  But it doesn’t worry about anything or feel guilty.  It just does its thing.  The tree doesn’t give a fuck.

It grows over, under, and around what is around it.  It bends and twists and sometimes pushes right through its surroundings.  But it keeps growing, despite it all.  Quietly, calmly, with dignity, humility, endless patience, and grit.

The tree doesn’t really try to do anything.  It just is.  And that is enough.  It is always good enough.