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  • Parisa Rose

spirit lag

ghostly reflection

for days since I’ve been back

I am in

two places

at once

living here & there

two parallel lives

I walk across this room


and my twin ghost

walks with me


in that other house

wait, which is the ghost?

which is real?

this or that

or both

or none?

I can’t be sure

every moment is

mirrored in my mind

am I remembering?

or is the other side of the mirror

just as true

as this?

I stand in this kitchen, I fill this kettle

I am standing in that kitchen, I am filling the other

I am present in both places

here & there

then & now

I can feel my double life fully

yet sometimes,

it’s too much

my heart is stretched

scrambled across worlds

where is the ground

in this mixed reality?

parts of me

are still everywhere

still arriving



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